Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Winter 2016

Good Afternoon Flydrivers!

Today we are getting excited about the winter season! The snow is on it's way and we have been checking out where we want to go this winter, as well as what we want to be wearing, and more importantly, what we want to be riding!

There are many resorts already open in Norway, including Beitostølen, Gålå, Geilo, Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Hemsedal, Trysil and Voss and Myrkdalen. Not all of these resorts have all of their slopes open, but there is plenty of skiing to be done, with most of these resorts having at least 2 lifts open.

There are plenty more resorts opening this weekend too, you can check out more details here:

We've also been checking out gear for this winter, and there's just so much to get excited about! The guys over at In The Snow Magazine have kept things nice and easy for us with their recommendations for gear to be seen in and with this winter...

If you're interested in booking your own trip to Norway, and you want info about where to go, what's open, or any general enquiries on travel in and around Norway, please contact us:

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Good Morning from FlyDrive HQ!

Today we are planning our Fjord tour covering Voss, Myrkdalen, Sogndal, Harpefossen, Volda, Ørsta, Stranda and Bjorli.

According to the National Geographic Traveller, Fjord Norway is “The world’s most iconic destination”. Combine the deepest snow, with breathtaking fjord views, this area provides a giant playground with varied and exciting terrain. A unique experience with superb alpine skiing, ski touring, cross country and free skiing, this tour offers an unforgettable adventure in a winter paradise, with dramatic scenery sure to amaze any visitor. The ultimate skiing experience, though, is probably to ski from a mountain top all the way down to the shores of a fjord.

You can get more information on our website here

We also have some exciting news - we have journalists visiting various locations across the Fjord Tour, who will be writing articles for industry publications, and filming short videos to be published alongside!

Monday, 16 November 2015

First snow in Hafjell, Norway this morning.

Looking forward to a fantastic Winter Season with Hafjell investing in snow production and new cannons, and the Youth Olympic Games to look forward to in the new year!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Road Trip around Norway by Jules Benjamin

Road trip around Norway by Jules Benjamin

If the words ‘road trip’ send you into an instant despair at the thought of congestion, bustling motorway services, prolonged sections of speed enforcement and road works, you are probably used to driving in England. And it would be easy to dismiss the prospect if you base your assumptions on navigating your way around the UK. But thankfully, there are still some road networks in this world that are nothing but a pleasure to travel…
In September my girlfriend and I set off on a two week driving holiday around Norway, hiring a car so that we would have the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted. Our time only permitted us to circle the bottom third of the country, but there is more than enough there to fill the most generous of itineraries.

We began our journey in the capital, Oslo. With an urban population of less than a million, Oslo has a modest and intimate feel for a capital city. Molded around the shores of the great Oslofjord, most of Oslo’s points of interest lie within a stone’s throw of the old town and the bay. Accommodation is plentiful and varied. There are many hotels, bed & breakfasts, rent-able apartments, camping… Or you can even indulge in the popular Scandinavian practice of paying somebody a small amount of money to sleep in their spare bed! We opted for a room with a shared bathroom in a hostel that was about 2 miles from the centre, but positioned just a couple of hundred yards from a railway station. The accommodation was basic but relatively cheap, and it offered free off road parking – a service that it’s easy to become obsessed with when planning a road trip.


Beware…public transport 

seems to stop at about 

midnight, so don’t get stuck 

somewhere too far away, or 

you might have to take a 

pricey taxi.

As well as being an administrative and political centre, Oslo is hugely cultural. There are plenty of fine museums and auditoria, worthy of the many great writers, composers and artists from this great city, not to mention a beautiful new opera house that sits resplendent at the Bjørvika water’s edge. In spite of its size, Oslo also boasts a huge array of restaurants, bars, music venues and clubs, and there are plenty of quirky, independent shops, as well as the big names. And with its Germanic architecture and snow-lined streets, it’s a particularly beautiful place to visit around Christmas.

Yes, Oslo can be expensive, but
then most European capitals 
are these days. The payback is 
that the city enjoys the highest 
standard of living in the world.

The one undeniable truth about driving in Norway is that you won’t get anywhere quickly. There’s a good reason the Romans did not invade this part of Europe – it would have meant completely rethinking their philosophy on roads. The reasons that it’s difficult to get anywhere quickly are the same as the reasons that you don’t want to. It’s because no matter where you are, or in what direction you are facing – what you see through your windows is unadulterated beauty. Miles and miles of picture postcard vistas, impressive mountain ranges, emerald green fjords, lakes and waterfalls, sea and sky.


If you choose to take the E16 to the coast, you will gettodrive through Lærdal 

Tunnel. At 24.5km it is the world’s longest tunnel.

We chose to take road 7 to get us to our next destination of Bergen. This is a preferable route than the more southern E134 as road 7 takes you straight through Hardangervidda National Park, Norway’s largest national park. It is a breathtaking drive as you rise higher and higher on to the Hardanger mountain plateau, above the tree level and into a terrain that has remained as it is since the last ice age. If you’re lucky you may also see some of the world’s largest reindeer herds migrating across the plateau.

As Oslo surrounds the northern tip of the Oslofjord, so Bergen occupies most of the peninsula of Bergenshalvøyen. Nestled among seven mountains, Norway’s second largest city very much has the feel of many other European ports. It is bustling, alive with trading and markets, and everything is just a few beats per minute faster than Oslo. As the song says…this could be Liverpool or Rotterdam. Except it’s not. Bergen has a wonderfully distinctive character. The quaint and beautifully preserved architecture makes it very attractive in virtually every direction you face, no more so than Bryggen (Norwegian for ‘quay’), a collection of 61 very old wooden buildings that stand sentinel and peer out across the water. Unsurprisingly it is one of Norway’s 7 World Heritage sites. If you like a vibrant and bustling setting, with stunning buildings of antiquity, Bergen is the place for you.


For the best view of Bergen, take the Fløibanen funicular to the top of mount Fløyen. You will see the whole of the city, and the North Sea in the distance.

Photo by Alicia Wennberg

Monday, 6 January 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Skis at the ready!
With the expensive Christmas period behind us, and the ski season well under way across Europe, now is the time to wash your ski gear and book that winter holiday. There are plenty of great deals for any size of group at our base here in Hafjell/Kvitfjell. With 68km of slopes to suit every standard, 26 lifts, and a multitude of extra activities, the region can accommodate the desires of all winter holiday makers. With flights from the UK at an all time low cost, now is the time to plan an affordable break in beautiful Norway. Chat to one of our representatives at Norwegian Wood Travel for available deals.

It's never too soon to plan your summer!                                     Rafting the Sjoa
Without doubt the best whitewater rafting destination in Scandinavia, and voted among the top ten in Europe, the Sjoa offers class II-V rapids, canyons and chutes, and the unparalleled vistas that only Norway can offer. Established over twenty years ago, Heidal Rafting offers safe and professional activity breaks that encompass a wide variety of sports other than rafting - river boarding, canyoning, rope activities, glacier hiking, mountain riding and caving, to name but a few. With full instruction and an emphasis on safety, Heidal Rafting offers something for everybody. 

 That's it for now - more next month!. In the meantime keep in touch - if you have any questions or need any help, call us        in the UK on 01562 67707, or drop us an email!  
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Far From The Madding Crowd... Sometimes

It's hard to put into words just how frantic the last few weeks have been. Since the last blog instalment, I've been:

From Ålesund, across via Molde to Kristiansund, 
down past Åndalsnes to Lillehammer,
back to Trondheim through Oppdal, 
on into Røros before heading west to Fagernes,
continuing to Flåm and Voss
before reaching Bergen.
Just in time to drive down to the Oslofjord,

If you don't know Norway then that's just a list of Norwegian place names. To put it in perspective, I've put nearly 3000 miles on the car.

I've driven on mountain roads, gravel roads, fast A roads, toll roads, through the world's longest road tunnel (twice), along the Atlantic Road, I've even driven the road to Hell:

I can confirm that while there is a shopping centre in Hell, there was no sign of Chris Rea. Although the man in the photo seems to have parked in Limbo.

Anyway the point I'm getting to is that I'm seeing a lot of Norway - albeit at a very fast pace as I charge from meeting to meeting. I've got some cool pictures of the usual picture-postcard spots, so I'll make some use of Flickr and the Facebook page, and share them with the world.

The pictures that will carry more meaning for me, are the ones of places that I didn't see coming. The places that aren't on "In A Nutshell" coach trips, that aren't plastered all over the destination company product manuals. I'm sure there's something for everyone here - for me, it's the hidden Norway that I'll be searching out again:

Finding these places is what makes Norway interesting for me. The four pictures above are all within a 30 minute drive of an Airport with direct flights from the UK. Well, one involves a rock climb but you get the idea. I've been here for months, driving all over the place, and I've barely scratched Norway's surface - and I think that's a good thing.

Over the last month I've been reminded that I don't like sitting in traffic behind caravans, that I don't want to share view with bus-loads of other visitors, and that I despise zoned parking restrictions.

It just took longer for me to realise that this place has so many hidden treasures, none of those things matter. 

Safe travels, wherever you're off to this weekend.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

FlyDrive Norway's November Newsletter is here

November 2013 – Let it snow!
While we wait for the skies to discharge tons of the white stuff and set us up for a great winter season, there’s no reason you can’t be planning an affordable Spring/Summer tour of Norway with FlyDrive Norway. We cater for travellers all year round; whether you are looking for adventure packages (skiing, mountain biking, white water rafting, golf etc.), or perhaps the rich and varied culture of a Scandinavian city break, or simply to take in the breathtaking scenery unique to Norway, we offer the perfect tool to organise your trip.
Our site helps you plan your own tour of Norway, cutting out the tour operator fees that can make Norway pricey. Our network of Norwegian partners on the site just keeps growing and growing, with many of them open all year round. It's also worth keeping in mind that the summer and winter peaks have large gaps between them (otherwise known as spring and autumn!), so it's possible to get the best of the weather but still have a more affordable visit. Use FlyDrive Norway to get in touch with suppliers directly for specially negotiated prices.
For our customers who are short of planning time, unsure of what they're looking for or (for whatever reason) just don't want to design their own holiday, fear not! Norwegian Wood Travel offer great-value packages across Norway's resorts all year round. More information on special deals can be found on, or feel free to call us and speak to one of our representatives.

A serving suggestion…
Ålesund is the perfect gateway to explore Norway’s famous fjords. Nestled amid seven mountains, Ålesund is a charming and beautiful port famed for its Art Nouveau architecture and stunning panoramic views. With very affordable flights from the UK, Ålesund is the ideal starting point to discover what is arguably the most beautiful region of Norway. Less than three hours away, of what is a spectacular drive, lies Geiranger – one of the jewels of Norwegian tourism. You will, I’m sure, have seen pictures. But nothing compares with standing there and taking in one of the most breathtaking vistas in the world. Not only was it named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet, but since 2005, the Geirangerfjord area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. High praise indeed! But that is not all. Within another hour or two drive you will find such marvels as the dramatic Trollstigen, a steep, serpentine mountain road with its eleven hairpin bends,  the Seven Sisters waterfall (amongst many other waterfalls), the picturesque town of Åndalsnes, miles of outstanding hiking, and more staggering views than you can shake a big stick at. 

Here comes the snow!

So with another ski season almost upon us, this is your chance to take to the slopes that were immortalised in the 1994 winter Olympics by the likes of  Markus Wasmeier and Alberto Tomba. At our sister website norwegianwoodtravel, we are never in short supply of last minute deals for classic winter holidays in the Lillehammer valley. With a range of slopes to suit all levels, there are also plenty of other attractions such as Hunderfossen Winter Park, husky rides, a trip to the Olympic ski jump, or even a ride on the actual Olympic bobsleigh! Now Norway’s biggest ski resort, Hafjell/Kvitfjell offers everything you could possibly want in a winter holiday.

Alpepass Region
Alpepass Region
 Something a little different…
Whilst fjords are undoubtedly beautiful to look at, they can also be great fun to ski on. The buzzword this season is ‘Fjord skiing’! The Alpepass region boasts a joint lift pass for eight designated ski resorts, situated in the centre of the fjord region in a coastal-alpine landscape that, in recent years, has been a magnet for international film-makers. With this unique lift pass you have the opportunity to explore the whole region. Stranda is typical of resorts in the area, catering as it does for all abilities, offering a multitude of extra activities, but most importantly, providing a simply breathtaking backdrop to your winter break!

Bring Your Own Car!
We were delighted earlier this year to forge a partnership with Fjord Line. Their international ferry sailings take you from Denmark to 4 different locations in Norway - including right into the very heart of the Fjords. If you've got a bit more time to play with and fancy road-tripping across Europe, this could be the way for you! As for those of you who have a camper van or similar... well, the possibilities are endless but Fjord Line might just be the way to get even further afield than you thought possible! Even though main roads are generally kept clear in Norway (whatever the weather) we wouldn’t recommend an extensive driving holiday until April at the earliest!

That's it for now - more next month!. In the meantime keep in touch - if you have any questions or need any help, call us in the UK on 01562 67707, or drop us an email! 

FlyDrive Norway - July Newsletter
New partners, new deals, new adventures!
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July 2013 - Summer's here...

We hope you're all enjoying yourselves and making the most of the good weather. Here in Norway, we got off to a damp start but have enjoyed some beautiful sunny days recently - always welcome when you're spending most of your time out on the road!

We just got back from trips to Geilo, Ålesund, Geiranger and Kristiansund - all in the name of finding new partners for FlyDrive Norway. The site helps you plan your own tour of Norway, cutting out the tour operator fees that can make Norway pricey. Our network of Norwegian partners on the site just keeps growing. Many of them are open year round, and are eager for visitors in late summer/ autumn. It's also worth keeping in mind that the summer peak season (with peak prices) finishes earlier here than in some other countries, so it's possible to get the best of the weather but still have a more affordable visit. Use FlyDrive Norway to get in touch with suppliers directly, for their best prices.

For our customers who are short of planning time, unsure of what they're looking for or (for whatever reason) just don't want to design their own holiday, fear not! Norwegian Wood Travel will be offering great-value packages across Norway's resorts this winter. More information coming soon on! Or if you want to use FlyDrive Norway but need some help, just ask!

Big news for Fjord Skiing

Voss Myrkdalen is one of Norway's newest and most modern resorts. Our resident "tame" ski instructor loves the place, he's always going on about the quality of the snow, great facilities etc etc... Well good news, it's just about to get even better! In their own words:

The owners in Myrkdalen are investing 60 million kroner in a new chair lift, which will double the capacity of the ski resort. The chair lift will be up and running from the first week of December 2013. The new lift, named Storhaugsekspressen, is awesome news for ski enthusiasts in Fjord Norway. With up to seven new slopes, varying from beginner to expert, Myrkdalen will become the largest and most complete ski resort in the region.

"Myrkdalen has developed a lot in the last few year" says CEO Elin Bolann. "With a new hotel and more cabins we have increased the accommodation capacity. The growing numbers of ski tourists has indicated that it's time to increase the capacity in the ski resort as well."

Impressive stuff! You can read the full press release here. With seven new runs at Myrkdalen and the exciting Alpepass scheme further north, we predict this year will be the start of something big for Fjord skiing - watch this space!

Wet and Wild Adventures

Norway has many sights, but some are best enjoyed close-up. Take rivers. You can watch from a bridge, but to really experience the force of white water you have to get more involved! That's why we work with top-quality activity providers. Our partners specialise in providing the right balance of fun, adrenaline, and of course safety.

Trysilguidene, based close to the Swedish border, have a whole range of activities at their disposal - canoeing, ducky, riverboarding, rafting... Their experienced guides will find the right challenge for your group, however young or old you feel! With the time to book ski holidays coming up fast (yes it is that time already!) It's also worth noting that Trysilguidene run a comprehensive skischool at Trysil (Norway's biggest resort) in Winter too.

Norway is also home to one of the most exciting rafting rivers in Europe - the Sjoa. Heidal Rafting have been established for 21 yeasrs and are experts on the river. There are different trips in the area to suit all tastes, whether you've got the family along for the ride or fancy taking on the mighty gorges of the Sjoa.

Heidal Rafting also offer an exclusive deal to FlyDrive Norway customers- it's a real cracker so find them on our website for more info - you can't get the deal anywhere else!

Aurora Season

If we say that Autumn will soon be here, don't think we're being pessimistic - it's one of the best times to see the Northern Lights. These natural atmospheric phenomena bring more and more people to Northern Norway every year. When it comes to seeing the lights Arctic Guide Service are on-hand and ready to help show you the Aurora Borealis in all their glory. While they can't make any guarantees on the weather, they do know the best spots to see the lights. They offer a range of different products depending on your preference, including a neat guided tour of Tromsø too (for keeping you occupied while you wait for night to fall and the lights to come out...) If seeing the Aurora is on your must-do list, get in touch with them to arrange your own Northern Lights Chase! The season starts in September.

FlyDrive staff trip - Skiing in July

It's a hard life out in Norway... Earlier this month a few of us popped over to Stryn for a cheeky day's skiing! Check out the video here. We had a blast - the quality of the skiing was superb and we've all said that we'd like to go back next year. Unfortunately Stryn Sommerski is closed now, but Stryn Vinterski will be open as soon as they've got enough new snow, and if you're in Norway you can still go and carve up at Galdhøpiggen right up til September!
That's it for this time - more next month!. In the meantime, keep in touch with us. If you have any questions or need any help, Sheila is contactable in the UK on 01562 67707, or email Brent & Phil in Norway.

Bring Your Own Car!

We were made-up to get Fjord Line involved with the FlyDrive Project. Their international ferry sailings take you from Denmark to 4 different locations in Norway - including right into the heart of the Fjords. If you've got a bit more time to play with and fancy road-tripping across Europe, this could be the way for you! As for those of you who have a camper van or similar... well, the possibilities have always been endless but Fjord Line might just be the way to get even further afield than you thought possible!
Geiranger 08.07.13 (see blog)
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