Thursday, 25 April 2013

Inside Anker Brygge

I enjoy sleeping outside. Just saying. I love a good camp, I do. On this trip, I'll probably spend quite a few nights out - partly to save money, and partly because I like it! A downside this far north is that it's daylight by 4am (getting earlier and earlier...), but I was knackered yesterday so slept straight through to 8ish.

The rate I'm going this week, I could write a blog on touring Norway's libraries. But in all seriousness, if like me you're in need of an internet connection and don't want to pay for it then the 'Bibliotek' is a good bet. After a morning of battering through emails, I managed to get down to Anker Brygge for a look round. During my travels around Norway, I'll be dropping in on FlyDrive Norway's partner suppliers, to give you a bit more insight on what they offer.

Rorbuer are traditional waterfront fisherman's cottages. In Svolvær, they characterise the look of the town's focal point, the harbour. Anker Brygge has several Rorbuer of various sizes, some old and some new, but all traditional on the outside and well equipped on the inside. Staying in one is a must-do for anyone visiting Lofoten, and it shows in the bookings - they're full tonight and we're still in the low season!

The inner courtyard at Anker Brygge houses the prettiest and most unusual maintenance building I've ever seen (former employers take note - your sheds do not meet expectations):

There's also a sauna for guests to use (complete with nautical decor including a ship's wheel - love it), and that's not all. Last night I enjoyed a beer in the Bryggebaren, a warm and welcoming pub just across the bridge as you enter Anker Brygge - take a look at our twitter (@FlyDriveNorway) or facebook for a picture of the karaoke carnage...

Just next door to the Bryggebaren is the Kjøkkene restaurant. They serve a traditional regional menu, including Stockfish, Lofoten's signature dish. Inside the restaurant is bright and charming, with plenty of unique touches to finish:

So visitors to Anker Brygge don't need to venture into the rest of town then? That's not how Market Manager, Morten Moe seems to see it. Morten was kind enough to show me around, and I was impressed by his pragmatic and open-minded views on bringing visitors to Lofoten. There's no doubt in my mind that as a visitor to Anker Brygge, you are more than welcome (encouraged even) to explore the other restaurants etc in Svolvær during your stay. And for non-residents, the doors to the Kjøkkene and Bryggebaren are wide open. Anker Brygge is open year-round - in fact, most of Svolvær is, making the winter a great time to visit if you'd like to avoid the crowds and the high-season prices.

After I left Morten, I spent a little time wandering around taking pictures. This one in particular sums the place up for me - out on the quayside with a coffee, newspaper and cigarette if you like, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the view. 

I didn't fancy camping tonight - it's going to rain later. As in WEST COAST OF NORTHERN NORWAY rain. It'll probably be biblical in scale and ferocity. So I've rented myself a little room with a view at Svolvær Sjøhuscamp, very pleasant indeed. It didn't take long for me to strike up some banter (shock) with the other guests, so it looks like I'm heading out for a bit later on. Expect instagrams. This could get messy.

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