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FlyDrive Norway Newsletter - May 2013

We're putting out a monthly newsletter to our mailing list at Norwegian Wood Travel - nothing too taxing, just a brief round-up of news and information from FlyDrive Norway and from our partners. In future months we'll be running competitions through the newsletter too, so why not join the mailing list through our website? Take a look at our first FlyDrive Newsletter here:                                              


The brand new newsletter from Norwegian Wood Travel Ltd, saving you money on your Norwegian summer or winter holiday!
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We're moving forwards

FlyDrive Norway is Norwegian Wood Travel Ltd's new initiative. We've created a website that helps you design your whole holiday package. It's easy to use, and you book directly with Norwegian suppliers - making Norway far more affordable and giving you complete freedom. Now all aspects of your Norwegian holiday can be found and booked from one free-to-use site.

From now on, all of our holidays will be arranged through FlyDrive Norway, but for our customers who would rather not go it alone, don't panic! We can still help to arrange your holiday. Just contact our office - we're more than happy to help. Or to see what's possible on you own visit www.flydrivenorway.co.uk and take a look around! 

Bye bye winter...

Another ski season has passed - where did that go??
Thanks to those of you who visited us in Norway, many of you returning yet again. It was great to welcome you back and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

To those of you yet to visit Norway why not give it a try? We know from experience that once you visit, you'll be hooked!

To get the best dates and prices, we always advise booking early - contact our office or check out FlyDrive Norway today!

Socially aware

Did you know we're always in Norway? We like to share the things we see and do, because if we're honest we see and do some cool stuff!

google+blogger, youtube...

We couldn't get much more social really (short of phoning you for a chat on skype every evening).

Keep an eye on us, and you'll find out first about new deals, partners and competitions at FlyDrive Norway- that sounds good, doesn't it? And by seeing some of the things we see, you might just get some inspiration for your next visit too.

Hello Spring!

It's been warm and sunny here in the Lillehammer valley recently, with temperatures reaching 25°C! At this time of year, the landscape is stunning - there's a striking contrast between the lush green lowlands, and the high mountains where the snow's still hanging on!

Most of FlyDrive Norway's partners are open year round. Norway isn't just about skiing - it's a great summer destination, and there's plenty to see in the spring or autumn too. Many of our partners offer exclusive deals through the site - booking a holiday in the low season can save you even more!

New Partners for April & May

We've been busy - we've got a whole host of new partners for you to book with! Cutting out travel agent fees can save you a pretty penny, and our partners are eager to help more tourists from the UK enjoy Norway! Here's the latest additions:

Trysil Hotell, Trysil

Anker Brygge, Lofoten

Hardanger Hotel,Hardanger Fjord

Gudvangen Fjordtel, Sognefjord

Klingenberg Hotel, Sognefjord

Partner spotlight -

We add new Premier Partners to FlyDrive Norway all the time, and we'll be showcasing one every month. This time around, Daniele from Whalesafari Andenes has been in touch to tell us more about searching for (and usually finding) whales in the North of Norway:

"Whalesafari Andenes was established in 1989, and since then we have taken over 260,000 tourists out into the nature to watch whales.
Andenes lies at the northern tip of the island of Andøy, a real natural paradise. This island is located very close to the edge of the continental shelf, so we only have to sail 7-8 nautical miles to reach the whale ground. Off Andenes there is a stable population of sperm whales year round, so we offer our guests a 100% whale guarantee (if the boat does not find a whale, you can join another safari free of charge or get the safari part of the ticket refunded).

Our summer season runs from the 1st of May to the 30th of September, while the winter safaris are from the 1st of October to the 30th of April. In winter there is the chance to observe other species such as killer whales, humpback whales, fin whales and pilot whales. Every tour includes in a guided trip around our whale exhibition, lasting 45 - 60 minutes. Our centre also features an exclusive souvenir shop with unique articles (t-shirts, teddy whales, postcards and more), and a restaurant with both international and local menus. There is a research team on board all of our safaris, taking identification photographs of all the species encountered. Sperm whales' clicking sounds are recorded as well and used later on.

In addition to sea activities, we offer a midnight sun hiking tour from the 19th of May to the 23rd of July in the spectacular mountains located only 15 minutes away from Andenes. 
From the 2nd of May to the 29th of September the airline Norwegian flies directly from Oslo Gardermoen to Andenes.  For more information about us, visit www.whalesafari.no or 
We were astounded by the low prices Whalesafari are offering.  They deliver unforgettable experiences at great value - be sure to check them out!

Oh, and if you could pick us up a teddy whale while you're there...

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