Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Damp in Bodø, and all aboard the M/S Gamle Salten!

Woke up on a train heading North. As far North as possible without going into Sweden first, to be precise. A combination of full-blown daylight and sleeping on a train seat meant a 5am wake up, still the ride through Nordland featured some dramatic scenery and cool views so I can't complain - especially when you see the price of the ticket:

So 249 NOK (around £28) got me from Lillehammer to Bodø. 650 miles, on comfortable and quick trains. All you have to do is book at least a day in advance and look for 'minipris' tickets. Nice one NSB!

Bodø today felt a bit like Mallaig in Scotland - end of the train line, end of the road, all future options out at sea. It's been grey and wet outside, so I've been hitting the paperwork and haven't got to see that much of town. I did have time to head down to the M.S. Gamle Salten though.

This former Hurtigruten ship has been lovingly restored, and now sails throughout the summer on short tours around the Lofoten Isles. They're one of our newest partners on so I dropped in to lend a hand with their web listing. In return, Kristin Konradsen the General Manager was kind enough to let me have a look around! Here's some photos from above and below decks.

The M.S. Gamle Salten is the only ship of her kind in Norway - historic sailing and floating accomodation all in one package! Surely a must-do if you're in Nordland.

Anyway I must dash - as it happens I've got a boat to catch of my own!

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