Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Aw naw Alesund, not more rain!

I imagine kids don't read this. Therefore I can categorically state that it has pissed it down today. All day. Cue grumpiness and depressed state.

It's no good complaining about it I know. The topography and geography of the fjordlands mean they take a lot of weather. You wouldn't get the same weather here without the fjords, and the fjords would certainly look different if they were closer to the equator. But I am after all British. Complaining about the climate is a learned behaviour...

I was washed out in Stranda this morning, with no let-up as I drove through the glorious Sunnmøre Alps - they still looked fantastic though. Some great ridges and glacier-capped plateaus up there, as well as first-rate skiing by all accounts. The Alpepass system they're trying up here is well worth a look, nothing new but it could make people seriously consider the fjords as a ski-holiday option.

After a long damp journey I was left with no option than to assume Ålesund was "probably alright", after the wall of grey drizzle made it hard to appreciate Norway's most Art-Nouveau city. Later though, we got an hour of clearer skies so I headed up Aksla.

You can use your legs to climb to the viewpoint at Aksla - 400-odd steps. Or you can drive up like I did today. I initially wished I'd walked up to be honest - but then it started raining again. Car was a good choice.

This hill is right in the city and gives a great view - especially from the cafe. Following my trip up there I have a sneaky camping spot in mind for tonight... And it looks like tomorrow could be quite nice! 

Things are looking up. Depression over, beer in hand. That is all.

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