Monday, 8 July 2013

Geiranger to Stranda - Back On The Road

I must confess, I felt guilty before writing today's blog. Guilty because things have been happening, we've been off to good places, but we've not shared as much as we'd like due to time pressure. Sigh. Well, it's too late now. Best get on with recent events.

An antisocial 5.45am start saw me in Lom early this morning. It's a small town squeezed in between the impressive mountains of Jotenheimen National Park, and it's a bit of a honeypot for Adventure Tourism. I didn't stay long today though - my target was a bit further, and a lot bigger...

Geirangerfjord. It's a UNESCO world heritage site, but you probably knew that. What you might not realise if you've not been is how bloomin' big it is. I don't mean the town - that's small. But the scale is massive. Giant mountains, towering up from the vast blue fjord dotted with big cruise ships. Cameras don't fit enough in to do it justice.

I wasn't a fan of the hoards of coach-borne tourists. It'd be great to convert some of the masses to Fly & Drive fans, just to spread everyone out a bit. If Lom is a honeypot for Adventure Tourism, Geiranger is that and more for people who want a convenient view of a fairytale fjord. It doesn't take anything away from the place, but personally I'd rather not share the experience with quite so many other people. To each his own.

On a business note, it's been a successful day - details will have to follow but we will be working with at least one new partner in Geiranger. Suffice to say that the best way to see the fjord is not from a coach, but from the water...

I'm in Stranda tonight, ready for more meetings tomorrow. Ferries are a standard part of travel in the fjords - I got two today across Storfjord, £7 each time for me and the Merc. Not too steep I thought. It's possible to take a fjord cruise with the car and travel the length of Geiranger, but the price does shoot up for this (around Eighty quid)...

As it was, I got to enjoy two extra views of Storfjord - Stor is Norwegian for big, and it's a big fjord! By this time tomorrow, I'll have crossed it again and probably be in Ă…lesund. But tomorrow is another day... Have a good one!

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